Drop Off Procedure Update

Pickup, Drop Off iLEAD Agua Dulce

Dear families,

We recognize the importance of connection and we will continue to allow parents to walk their learner to their classroom, but parents must be off campus by 8:45 AM.

Drop off is a time to walk your child to the classroom only. Adults are not permitted to enter the classroom. If a learner forgot a jacket or lunch, please drop items at the office. Our Facilitators arrive early to prep their rooms and this time is very important for them. If you need to speak with your Facilitator, please email them to request a time for a meeting.

Our gates will be closing at 8:55 AM. We ask that you please be off the lot by that time so our staff can have the gates closed promptly and then begin their duties on campus.

Vehicles are not to be left unattended in the parking lot. If you are having car trouble, please let the office know so that we are aware of the situation and can assist you.

In addition, please remember that learners are to be dropped off up top at the office only if you are late, have paperwork for the office staff or are returning a class pet. If the top gate is closed, please use the pedestrian gate to walk through.

If you have any questions regarding these procedures please feel free to call the office at 661-268-6386.

Thank you.


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