High School: Harvard & MIT Fellowship Opportunity

Dear iLEAD Agua Dulce High School Families and Learners, 

For the first time ever, organizations from two iconic institutions – Harvard and MIT– have come together to guide the next generation of change-makers.

Learn with Leaders is now opening applications for the fourth cohort of theTake the World Forward Fellowship, in collaboration with Harvard College Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR), MIT Solve[ED], and the Leadership Institute at Harvard College (LIHC) to groom the future leaders of the world.

About the Take the World Forward (TWF) Fellowship: 

The TWF Fellowship is a six-month journey for high-school learners. Through project-based learning and mentorship, high-schoolers work on curated projects with Harvard mentors to make a positive impact on communities and businesses worldwide. Learners will get first-hand access to problem-based projects, international workshops, internships, communication training and more. The Fellowship will act as a gateway to deepen intercultural understandings and forge global connections. 

Take the World Forward Fellows are handpicked from a group of bright high-school students across the world, to identify, brainstorm, and try to solve some of the biggest challenges of today and tomorrow. 

The Fellowship currently includes 240 high-school students from 30-plus countries in its ambit, who are working on 36 impactful projects based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with each project being led by an Ivy League mentor. 

TWF Fellows are engaged in multi-fold learning engagements through the 6 months:

  • Two actionable group projects aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDGs) guided by Ivy-League mentors from Harvard’s HPAIR and LIHC, MIT, Yale, UC Berkeley and more (Qualifying as CAS projects too).

  • Curriculums by Ivy League mentors: The Leadership Curriculum by the Leadership Institute at Harvard College and I.D.E.A (Ideas, Design, Execution & Implementation) Curriculum by Nwanacho Nwana (former MIT Class President and Forbes-featured entrepreneur & co-founder, Valfee)

  • Feedback-led Communication Training with Nwanacho Nwana through regular prompts.

  • Workshops and Challenges on social innovation and entrepreneurship by MIT Solv[ED].

  • An opportunity to win project microfunding by MIT Solv[ED] of up to $5,000 to take ideas to action.

  • Monthly Think-out-Loud sessions with global thought and innovation leaders, such as Alex Budak (Faculty at UC Berkeley and Creator of “Becoming a Changemaker”), George Benaroya (Faculty at NYU; VP Finance, Global Controller, CFO; P&G, Tetra Pak, Nivea), Kaushik Sethuraman (Head of Programs, Social Impact Group at Meta) and several more!

  • Exclusive one-year access to the virtual interactive education platform – Global Students League which gives access to several internships curated by Harvard mentors, top academic resources, global clubs, projects and more.

  • Networking events with students and mentors globally. 

Fellowship Start Date: March 26

Fellowship Duration: 6 months

Eligibility: Grades 8-12th 

Deadlines & Fees:

There is a special 25% fellowship fee waiver scholarship to early applicants!

Application deadline: March 18 – $1,000

Mode: Online (Zoom Video Conferencing)

To know more about the program, click here.

To apply, click here.


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