iLEAD Agua Dulce DreamUp Design Challenge 2022-23

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Through the iLEAD Agua Dulce DreamUp to Space Mission 2022-23 Experiment Design Challenge, iLEAD Agua Dulce learners have been busy designing experiments that could be selected to be conducted on the International Space Station. During the final phase, our finalist teams created short videos pitching their ideas and the plans they developed for how, in the event that their experiment is chosen, they will use the opportunity for their school site and community outreach. Learners were required to include subject matter experts to support their experiment designs. A panel of science and space experts is reviewing their proposals and videos. The top team will have their experiment flown and conducted on the International Space Station, targeted for May 2023.

Congratulations and best wishes to this year’s iLEAD Agua Dulce DreamUp to Space Mission 2022-23 Experiment Design Challenge finalists!

Team: Team Mushroom (not pictured)
Learners: Renata Cano, Valerie Lomeli, Lily Salinas, Marilyn So, Luis Marquez

Team Lavender

Team: Team Lavender
Learners: Brody Desaario, Quincy Stacker, Owen Mascon, Owen Watson, Alexander Waldo

Team Blueberry (A)

Team: Team Blueberry (A)
Learners: Kurt Shively, Jace Berry, Dylan Higdon, Steve Rodrigues

Team Blueberry (B)

Team: Team Blueberry (B)
Learner: Connor Morris

Team Capsicum

Team: Team Capsicum
Learners: Alena Rogers, Angel Lomeli, Edeline Miramontes

Team Blue Mallow

Team: Team Blue Mallow
Learners: Calvin Z, Maddie B, Natalia F

Update February 3: Click here for the final experiment selection!


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