Monday message 08.23.2021

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Message from the Director

Dear Families,

Welcome to a brand new school year! I am excited to embark on our 4th year. I am looking forward to starting on campus altogether and making many joyful memories. Our continued commitment to fostering social and emotional learning, coupled with Project-Based Learning, will undoubtedly help our learners thrive. We also have so many amazing additions to our campus. These include welcoming OUR NEW 9th GRADERS, welcoming new staff, our completed Makery and some new critters as well! I am excited about all this new school year has to offer and look forward to working collectively as a team to ensure that our learners are provided with the best educational experience possible. We are committed to ensure that all learners become critical thinkers, responsible citizens and are prepared to be successful in all of their endeavors.

With gratitude,
Lisa Latimer, Director

Message from the New Agua Dulce High School

I am Dr. Armine Movsisyan – our new High School Facilitator and Leadership Resident. Happy New School Year iLEAD families and friends! I hope that you had a wonderful summer and I cannot wait to see and hear your laughter on campus.

I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. My ‘why’ is to transform education by cultivating environments where learners can imagine. I view my role as the one who guides learners in the discovery of their talents and passions, understanding their truth, and acquisition of the skills and habits of mind they will need to navigate their life’s journey. My drive is to make school a place where learners are excited, can have fun and are continually preparing for their lives.

I earned a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Southern California with a concentration in teacher education and creating safe school cultures where learners have a strong sense of belonging. I received leadership training and credentials from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, UCLA and UC Berkeley.

My hope is to serve in society by opening or kicking down doors, paving new paths and doing what is best for our learners. This year holds many new and exciting adventures for the Falcon Family. I am joyful to join the team and be on this journey together as the iLEAD Agua Dulce High School Family. I look forward to building a supportive relationship with your family and I am committed to co-creating an environment that nurtures a lifelong love of learning and a sense of wonder.

Dr. Armine Movsisyan
High School Facilitator and Leadership Resident


As a public charter school, we must adhere to the Los Angeles County mandates. This includes all learners and staff wearing masks while indoors. Masks must be properly fitted and not be made of mesh or fabric with holes. The school will supply a disposable mask for any learner that may need one. Please see the following guidelines from the Los Angeles County Public Health Department.

Parent Square

Please make sure that you have signed up for ParentSquare. Important reminders and information regarding school emergencies & events will be relayed through this system. Parent Square emails home and will send notification to your phone if you download the app at ParentSquare.

Monday Message and School Website

Monday Message is sent out each week to all of our families with articles, upcoming events, pictures of learners, updates and other pertinent information regarding school activities. You can also find all of our Monday Messages and other important information archived on our website at

Social Media

iLEAD Agua Dulce has two social media platforms for families and friends to access. Our Facebook and Instagram accounts are constantly updated daily with pictures of our learners and descriptions of the learning process. Please check out our iLEAD Agua Dulce Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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Mon., 5/27: Closed for Memorial Day

Tue., 5/28-Thur., 6/6: Showcases of Learning

Fri., 5/31: Jamboree

Fri., 6/7: Last Day of School


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