Monday message 08.26.2019

We had a wonderful first week of school. The learners have settled in nicely and are participating in many activities that help them to bond with one another and their facilitators. They are also gaining a deeper understanding of our iLEAD culture, themselves, and their peers. Once a child feels safe and welcoming in their environment, real learning takes place. We strive to make sure all our learners leave campus at the end of each day with a joy of learning and a desire to return, excited to challenge themselves and grow.
The learners are also focusing on the 7 Habits and Character Lab components, which will help them during their school years and beyond. You will learn about this and all things iLEAD Agua Dulce at our Back to School Night on Wednesday, August 28th. We look forward to seeing you there!

Warm regards,
Lisa Latimer

Upcoming Events

Click here to see the school calendar for more information.

May 31: Memorial Day – No School

Valet Information

Valet: After trying a few different ways to make the valet line more effective, we finally found the flow that works the best. It is essential that everyone follows these expectations for the safety of everyone. Everyone must enter through the middle gate. You will be guided to one of three valet lines There areRead More

Agua Dulce Apple Pickin’

Eating apples from our tree and reading in nature, creating, exploring and enjoying the first week of school!

Very Important Information

We cannot express enough that as a Project-Based Learning school, attendance is vital. Project-Based Learning requires collaboration, discussions, working in cohorts, and researching. In addition, the facilitators confer daily with small groups in the areas of math and reading to ensure that our learners are reaching their academic goals. These are all valuable components thatRead More

Back to School Night August 28th

As a Project-Based Learning school, the classroom looks very different from a traditionally-based school. Back to School Night will help you navigate through what to expect throughout the year, what PBL looks like in the classroom, the various types of assessments we use, Home Connections, and much more. It is a very informative evening whereRead More

“Drive-In” Movie Theater Night!

Join us on Friday, September 6th, for our Annual “Drive-In” Theater Night! Bring your box car and enjoy watching a family movie in the beautiful outdoors. The concession stand opens at 6:30 p.m. and the movie begins at 7:30 p.m. Stay tuned for more information!


We have an amazing community of family volunteers that supports our school in many ways. We hope that you will attend our iSUPPORT meetings on the first Monday of each month. You will gain valuable information on how you can become involved whether you volunteer in the classroom, assist on field trips, or help planRead More

iLEAD Equestrian Team

The iLEAD Schools Equestrian team is quickly approaching its new show season. The team is open to learners in the 5th grade through high school seniors. If your learner is interested in participating or you’d like more information, please contact Sonia Kurfess at

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