Customize Your Yearbook by May 1

Treering yearbook customized pages

Create your two free custom yearbook pages for iLEAD Agua Dulce by May 1.

Add Photos: Add your favorite photos from your phone, computer, Instagram, Facebook, Google or Dropbox account, and have them printed in your copy of the yearbook.

Sign Books: Make your friends smile by sending them a message (can include a photo or sticker) that they can add to their custom pages or ask them to send you one!

Add Memories: Answer questions about your year and capture your very best moments. You can even include a photo to go along with them.

Design Your Page: Add all of your memories to your two free personal pages that will be printed in your unique copy of the yearbook. Need more room? You can add more pages!

To purchase and customize your yearbook:

  • Go to www.treering.com/validate.
  • Enter your school’s passcode: 1015381569173632
  • Regular price: $33.06

Need help? Contact www.treering.com/help.


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