Exploring iLEAD Agua Dulce Culture: What Does “iLEAD” Mean?

iLEAD Agua Dulce

Editor’s Note: This is one in a series of articles on the pillars of iLEAD Agua Dulce’s educational philosophy and approach.

Recently, we took some time to unpack one of the core elements of our culture — the 7 Habits from Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Now, we want to turn to what iLEAD means. What makes up the iLEAD acronym, and how does it drive our educational approach?

Over the coming weeks, we’ll unpack each part, so this week we’re starting with the bird’s-eye view. The letters in iLEAD stand for:

  • International: Learning multiple languages and understanding many cultures makes our learners compassionate, open-minded world citizens.
  • Leadership: Practicing leadership from a young age prepares our learners for a lifetime of listening, collaborating, inspiring — leading.
  • Entrepreneurial Development: Encouraging learners to work in teams, take risks and learn from failure nurtures their ability to innovate and ignites their entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Arts: Creating and exploring the world through the artistic experience enhances our learners’ understanding of each subject.
  • Design Thinking: participating in project-based learning leads to more meaningful experiences and a deeper understanding of each subject.

We want our learners to think for themselves. Doing this requires a grounding in the arts, in design, and in humanities and the need to feel at home in the world.

If you’ve spent any time around iLEAD Agua Dulce, you know we place a high priority on positive, supportive, inviting environments where our learners can focus on their development. We are also committed to supporting learners’ development of emotional intelligence, life skills, and community engagement. Incorporating each of those five areas mentioned above provides vibrant, tangible ways they can do that. In the end, what we are doing is focusing on whole-child development, helping them become well-equipped individuals with promising futures.

Additionally, a well-rounded education doesn’t only prepare kids for the future; it empowers them where they are now. As education expert Dr. Yong Zhao has said, “Education is not simply preparation for life; education is life itself.”

Next week, join us as we dive into the first pillar of the iLEAD acronym: an international focus.


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