Message from the Director

Dear Families,

Did you know that several of our Facebook posts have now gone viral? Many schools across the United States and the United Kingdom are now sharing our ideas and implementing them into their own programs. Some of the most shared photos and videos are of our Outdoor Classroom. We have received numerous messages from people praising us for allowing our learners to exercise their rights as a child to discover, explore, and play. We are a school that facilitates academics in many ways, but more importantly, understands that learning does not take place through a worksheet.

Equally, we know that the value of a child is not based on a test score, but how they are as a human being. Our goal is to fill their “toolbox” with mastery in reading, writing, and math, and also with a deep understanding so that they can critically think, have voice and choice in their learning, and the self-confidence that they can be change makers. By giving them the opportunities to discover things on their own, helping them to create a sense of wonderment about the world around them, and providing the opportunity to utilize their imagination through play, they will be more successful.

Play is not frivolous, it is essential for healthy brain development, which in turn makes children better learners when it comes to academics in school and life. Please click here to read one of hundreds of research articles on why we have created our Outdoor Classroom and allow our learners to play.

Warm regards,
Lisa Latimer


It’s Spirit Week!

All learners are welcome and encouraged to come dressed up December 16-20 as we get ready for Winter Break! Let’s spread some school cheer!

Get Your Holiday Grams & Help Us DreamUp to Space!

All proceeds go toward travel expenses, so that our 6th and 7th grade DreamUp Launch Team can go to NASA in Florida and watch their experiment launch to the International Space Station, where the astronauts will conduct the experiment!

Winter Show Thursday, December 12

Not all superheroes wear capes or leap over tall buildings in a single bound. Some superheroes use their powers to spread kindness, help others, cultivate acceptance, and display optimism when facing a challenge. We are looking forward to our Winter Program, Superheroes Unite! Our learners have been working very hard to learn the songs andRead More