2nd Graders Creating Change

Project-Based Learning, in part, provides a question that relates to a real-world problem that can be solved in many ways.

2nd Grade’s Driving Question was, “How can we implement, follow, or change rules to improve our school and community?”

Not only did our learners dive deep into the California State Standards on Government, they actually learned how their knowledge could be applied to solve an issue. Some learners wanted to impose a longer recess rule, some wanted to start a committee to ensure that everyone throws their lunch trash away. Another group of learners wanted to make the road by our school safer. In each case, all of these eight-year-olds are utilizing their freedom of speech and knowledge to step up to make a difference. We know when given the opportunities, THEY CAN make a difference.

Another aspect of PBL is connecting the learners to experts in a field to learn facts about that person’s field and, in turn, develop their own ways to solve the driving question. On this project, we connected them with the Town Council and with Assemblymember Christy Smith. We are so proud of their power of persuasion, strong questions, and advocating for change that they will now be meeting with Supervisor Kathryn Barger’s office to talk about various ways to make the road safer and will also meet with Congresswoman Katie Hill to dive deeper into how our government is run. Kudos to the Agua Dulce Town Council, Christy Smith, and Katie Hill for listening to their voices.


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An Important Safety Reminder for Drop-off and Pickup

Please make sure to utilize the Valet at the lower lot for drop-off and pick up. The parking lot is for drop-off of classroom pets or learners who arrive after 8:45 a.m. The congestion of cars on the upper lot is unsafe for our learners and staff. We appreciate your support!

Our Creation Station Is a Beautiful Work in Progress!

Our learners are working alongside a professional mural artist who to transform our Creation Station shed into a place where our learners can tap into their imagination and artistic skills. Our learners are loving the process of learning hands-on about the art of muralism.