Reports of Progress

Reports of Progress iLEAD Agua Dulce

The success of our learners is the cornerstone of iLEAD education. Learners are continually assessed on their progress toward meeting grade-level standards, social-emotional indicators, and their Individual Learning Plan (ILP) goals.

The Reports of Progress (ROPs) reflect a comprehensive report that documents a learner’s strengths, areas of growth, and areas where extra support may be needed.

The ROPs have three major components. First is the progress (or grade) part of the report. This is an overall snapshot of the learner’s progress at concepts, skills, and standards. Each learner will receive a progress descriptor as shown on the legend here.

The second part of the ROP is the narrative. Each learner will have multiple narratives written by the facilitator. These narratives are the most rewarding for parents as they really gain a true understanding of their child’s progress and educational experience. The narrative progress report recognizes that each child is unique, and their development cannot fully be understood or assisted by using a checklist approach. It gives a more detailed description of the child’s work and choices of work. For both the parent and learner, a narrative report assures them that “My facilitator really understands and cares about me.”

The last part is the social-emotional ROP. The development of independence, initiative, responsibility, confidence, social awareness, cooperation, concentration, helpfulness, and commitment to work is a crucial element of the iLEAD curriculum. Our ROP combines the current Learner Outcomes (based on the 7 Habits) with our Character Lab program, which focuses on each learner’s strengths, skills, and mindset.

We look forward to sharing these with you on January 12th.


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