To Infinity and Beyond!

Although our announcement about the huge accomplishment of our 5th/6th grade Aloe Vera Experiment Team went out before break, we would like to congratulate all of our learners who worked tirelessly on our DreamUp projects. We were already over the moon that we had two teams selected to be in the final six and overjoyed that one was selected.

We are so very proud of each team for all of their dedication and grit. After Lavender and Aloe were selected as finalists, all learners, regardless of original teams, pitched in by adding research to strengthen both proposals. Therefore, this is definitely a major accomplishment for the class as a whole! We will definitely include all learners in future experimentation.

While this is an enormous accomplishment, it could not have been done without the guidance of Mrs. Morrison. She learned alongside our learners and also demonstrated tons of grit and determination to ensure that the teams had all of the requirements necessary in their proposals and videos. There is still more work to be done as the learners have more research to do and figure out how to fit the experiment in the test tube. Team Aloe Vera will have their experiment conducted on the International Space Station this fall and the team will be going to Florida to watch their experiment launch! Congratulations to all!


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