Monday message 04.13.2020

iLEAD Agua Dulce Kids

Dear Families,

Welcome back from Spring Break!

We hope that each and every one of you are still safe and healthy. A very special thank-you goes out to all who joined in on our iSUPPORT meeting. It was so good to see your faces and hear positive words about our online program. For those of you who were unable to attend, please reach out to your child’s facilitator if you need any support with the program. Our goal is to continue learning, both socially/emotionally and academically without a lot of stress. To further help alleviate any confusion, please plan to join your child’s facilitator April 15 or 16 for a tour of their virtual classroom. This will help tremendously, navigating through PowerSchool and understanding the may do’s and must-do’s of the curriculum. You will also be able to ask any pertinent questions. We have two time slots for each day, 3:00-3:45 p.m. and 4:00-4:45 p.m. We highly encourage you to attend.

Since our learners have been homebound the past few weeks, how many times have you heard those dreaded two words, “I’m bored”? Well, we just wanted you to know that boredom is essential to building creative minds! “Being bored is an important part of finding meaning in life. When kids are bored, it helps them find value in their own experiences and develop their own unique worldview, which makes them psychologically stronger for the future.” Rather than structured time, give them opportunities to utilize that boredom to become creative. Whether it’s utilizing an art medium, building with cardboard boxes, writing songs or stories, or researching their passions, boredom helps to develop their innate abilities. Studies have shown that, if we can engage in some low-key, undemanding activity, the wandering mind is more likely to come up with imaginative ideas and solutions to problems.

Creative imagination and problem-solving abilities are important life skills, so it’s good for children to have these moments of “boredom” and having to find ways to entertain themselves.

We hope you have found your rhythm at home, and we truly look forward to continuing to connect with you.

With gratitude,

Lisa Latimer
School Director

Upcoming Events

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Fri., 4/26: Play Day, 9:30 AM-noon

Fri., 4/26: Glider on Campus Day

Wed., 5/1: iSUPPORT Meeting, 9 AM

Mon.-Wed., 5/6-10: Staff Appreciation Week

Fri., 5/17: Food Truck Community Night

Fri., 5/17: Astronomy Night, 8 PM

Fri., 5/24: Learner Free Day

Mon., 5/27: Closed for Memorial Day

Tue., 5/28-Thur., 6/6: Showcases of Learning

Fri., 5/31: Jamboree

Fri., 6/7: Last Day of School


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